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A Year of Cocktails!

Welcome to ‘Cocktails with Lisa’! It’s been a whole year since I set up a Facebook page dedicated to cocktails… a place to share some of the live sessions I started during lockdown for the Facebook group ‘P&O Cruises – UK Fan Page‘.

Those live sessions focussed on recreating the P&O Cruises cocktail menus ~ cruises were cancelled and we wanted a pick-me-up to see us through the first lockdown… little did we know we’d get through the entire list!

It really helped me confirm my passion for cocktails – I love discovering new recipes, as well as the astounding number of spirits and liqueurs on the market. I also found myself delving into recipes of the past – my heart is certainly with vintage and classic cocktails, and they are such a joy to make and drink.

With over a year passing since I started doing the live sessions, I realise how much I still have to learn, so it seemed appropriate on this one year anniversary (also World Gin Day!) that I now dedicate this blog and a new YouTube channel purely to my cocktail journey and discovery 🙂

A big part of my enjoyment of cocktails is sharing recipes and tips with others, so please join me to discover some of your favourites, too!

Cheers! 🥂

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