Juleps in July
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Juleps in July

Juleps hadn’t really been on my radar until recently – perhaps surprisingly given my love of the classics!

Yesterday I did my regular cocktail session with the P&O Cruises – UK Fan Page, and they were the perfect collection of drinks for a crazy-hot day!

Juleps are a short drink, sweetened slightly and packed with ice… choose you favourite spirit, a syrup or liqueur and some herbs (usually mint), crack some ice and you’ve got the ingredients for a delicious julep!

Classic Mint Julep

The ultimate classic, which is always worth a try… with origins in the 1600s, this mix of alcohol and herbs, sweetened with sugar or honey, was once a way to administer medicines – with this you really can say “It’s medicinal” 😉

The name ‘julep’ followed much later, and the type of alcohol changed too. Where once it would likely have been brandy, whisky became popular – especially in America with the Kentucky Cup – and I really enjoy whisky or dark rum in mine.

Traditionally served in a silver or copper julep cup, it’s not unusual to now serve this in a rocks glass or small wine glass.

My favourite so far:
2.5oz Mackmyra Björksav
0.5oz sugar syrup (2:1)
4-5 mint sprigs

In a chilled julep cup or glass, gently muddle the herbs in the syrup. Add the whisky, then fill half the cup with crushed ice. Give it a stir and fill the rest of the cup with crushed ice, making a small mound on top. Garnish with mint leaves.

Fancy a twist on the classic?

The julep is a great cocktail that you can adapt to suit what you have available, here are some recipes to give you some ideas…

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