Martini Day Cocktails
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Martini Day 2021

Happy Martini Day!

A Classic Gin Martini has long been one of my favourite cocktails… I tend to make it with a 6:1 ratio of gin to vermouth, though of course a Martini is quite a personal thing and finding your own preference can take some time 😉

This was, of course, one of my chosen recipes for my Martini Day video, together with an Appletini and an Espresso Martini…

Martinis and Martini-style cocktails often need only a few ingredients, making them a good choice for cocktails at home.

The Appletini is lovely for summer – crisp and clean, with a choice of vodka or gin, the apple flavour makes a refreshing and very easy to drink cocktail!

Ohhh, but then there is the Espresso Martini… perfect for after dinner drinks, this is a recipe I am at last happy with. The vanilla vodka makes all the difference here, but if you don’t want to splash out on vanilla vodka, plain vodka with just a drop of vanilla essence is a great alternative.

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